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    Composite Pipe Assemblies
    Product features
    · Self-built GMP clean workshop, many years of experience in R&D, assembly and testing, and skilled craftsmanship
    · Disposable endoscope for use with surgical robots
    · Wide range of products, covering multiple departments
    · Small size, excellent price, good consistency and batch size of the same category
    · Medical device registration system production
    · Output: 500PCS/day
    Product pictures
    technical data
    Composite Pipe Type:
    · Disposable laryngoscope composite tube assembly
    · Disposable arthroscopic composite tube assembly
    · Disposable bronchoscope composite tube assembly
    · Disposable choledochoscopy composite tube assembly
    · Disposable uroscope composite tube assembly
    · Disposable cystoscope composite tube assembly
    Medical Surgical Robot Disposable Endoscope Composite Tube Assembly
    3D Disposable Endoscope Composite Tube Assembly

    Composite Pipe Detail

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    Tong'an Town, high tech Zone, Suzhou
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