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    Desktop Endoscopy System
    Product features
    · With strong technical team support, rich experience in image processing technology, support product OEM, and speed up customer evidence collection.
    · 1. OEM customization, host size, interface size, liner size, signal output can be customized
    · 2. The entire field of view is clear, and there is no blurring at the edge of the field of view
    · 3. The image has good black and white contrast and color reproduction ability
    · 4. Red, green and blue colors have no obvious distortion feeling
    · 5. The output frame rate is greater than or equal to 30fps, and the maximum output resolution of the interface is 1920*1080
    · 6. The format of the pictures saved by taking pictures is JPG, and the format of videos saved by videos is AVI
    · 7. Supports large-capacity access from mainstream manufacturers, U disk or hard disk with USB interface, which can increase EMMC storage.
    · 8. Support DVI output display
    · 9. Supports Omnivision, AMS and other multi-brand and multi-model sensors: OV6946, OV6948, OV9734, OV2740, OCHSA10, OCHTA10, NanEyeM_NanEyeC

    Product pictures
    technical data
    · Excellent price, reliable quality, can be widely promoted, from large hospitals to township hospitals
    · Can be used with different image chips
    · Input and output interface can be customized development
    · Relying on Suzhou Collaborative Innovation Research Institute to build a product certification platform
    · Medical device registration system production

    Endoscopy system application:
    · Disposable laryngoscope
    · Disposable arthroscope
    · Disposable bronchoscope
    · Disposable choledochoscope
    · Disposable uroscope
    · Disposable cystoscope
    · Medical surgical robot disposable endoscope
    · 3D Disposable Endoscope

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