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    Talent recruitment
    Recruitment:Social recruitment
    Nature of work: full-time
    Number of recruits:1
    Release time:2022-1
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    Place of work: Jiangsu Suzhou
    operating duty:

    1. Responsible for hardware circuit development and testing; Can independently complete schematic circuit design and multi-layer PCB layout;
    2. Selection of electronic hardware scheme for project products;
    3. Select components and parts, and weld and debug PCB templates;
    4. Responsible for the development, testing and optimization of medical device electronic products hardware;
    5. Be responsible for the testing and optimization of R & D products, and be familiar with the hardware testing process;
    6. According to the system requirements, compile electronic parts BOM of new products, and complete the production, archiving and distribution of relevant drawings;
    7. Other R & D and design work delivered by the company, etc

    Job requirements:

    1. Proficient in schematic design tools and PCB layout tools;
    2. Be familiar with the characteristics and usage of common electronic components, and master the basic hardware underlying communication interface and related protocols;
    3. Be familiar with PCB welding process, and be able to use soldering iron to weld chip components skillfully;
    4. Experience in hardware development of instrument products is preferred;
    5. Be able to complete product development according to product requirements, and be able to write documents as required;


    1. 25-35 years old, college degree or above, major in electronics, more than three years of relevant working experience, working experience in the medical device industry is preferred;
    2. Have strong communication and coordination skills, and can actively promote the project.

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    3 / F, building 7, No. 88,
    Zhenbei Road,
    Tong'an Town, high tech Zone, Suzhou
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